ESG Commitments

We maintain regular ESG-related communications with our stakeholders

ESG Commitment

At Tripfez Travel, we maintain regular ESG-related communications with our stakeholders who are categorized as customers, employees, shareholders and investors, government and regulators, business partners, and communities & environment. In 2020, Tripfez determined material ESG topics through a three-stage process: identification, classification, and prioritization. The ESG topics were considered in relation to Tripfez’s strategic operations and stakeholder interests. To further enhance our process, Tripfez reviewed industry ESG disclosure practices.

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Our worldwide travel services connect us to a spectrum of stakeholders including business partners, suppliers and customers along our global value chain. We work with our stakeholders to create shared value, deliver industry-leading services and uphold business ethics. In recognition of the importance of responsible tourism, we have developed policies and measures to protect customer interests and help ensure that we continue to enhance our services. During the reporting year and to the best of our knowledge, Tripfez operates in compliance with relevant laws and regulations that have a material impact on the company relating to services health and safety, advertising, labeling and privacy matters relating to products and services provided.

Our policies govern issues in relation to responsible travel including quality assurance and protection of intellectual property rights, customer data and privacy. One of our strengths is independent quality assurance governed by our Quality Management System which details the responsibilities of relevant departments as well as implementation, monitoring and improvement procedures.