Visa Application

Our clients’ business trips take them to countries requiring a visa


Many of our clients’ business trips take them to countries requiring a visa, such as China, India, Australia, Korea (K-ETA) or Saudi Arabia. We know that obtaining the required visa on time in companies requires a lot of time and effort. This depends primarily on the dependency on travel bookings via a corporate travel agency and the visa procurement process.

This is where our visa service comes in. Planning and booking of the business trip at Tripfez Travel & Tours takes place hand-in-hand with the advice and application of the required visa.

In-house service

The visa experts of Tripfez Travel & Tours will advise and support the application of your visa personally – this means your passport is personally submitted and picked up at the consulate or embassy by one of our agency’s associates or employees.

Visa Process

Step 1

Client informs us of their travel plans and their potential visa requirements to enter their final travel destination.

Step 2

Our visa experts will research and check any requirements of entry for our travellers at the travel destination.

Step 3

Apply on behalf of our client for their visa or facilitate the application (in case 3rd party applications are not allowed).

Step 4

Deliver the visa to our clients (either via email or by dispatch) or re-apply again in case of visa rejection.