Hotel Arrangements

Determine the best savings opportunities of hotels


Tripfez Travel & Tours will work with your company to determine the best savings opportunities of hotels and develop a program that works for your organization. We will provide an exhaustive, precise analysis of your company’s current hotel spend and travel patterns, integrating data from multiple agencies and suppliers, as well as company data. The next step is to measure the effectiveness of the current program in terms of usage, compliance and savings. We will work to establish partnerships with hotels and identify areas of potential savings through hotel consolidation and negotiation.


Hotels make up a sizeable portion of every company’s travel budget. Achieving savings in this area can have a huge impact on your program’s bottom line. Tripfez Travel & Tours Program is built around the unique needs and travel patterns of our customers, helping them save money and providing superior amenities that can drive program compliance.


Business travel is personal – especially to frequent travelers. The right hotel with the right amenities can truly set the stage for a traveler’s entire business trip. While other hotel programs are content to provide best available rates, we think that is just the starting point. Tripfez Travel & Tours buying power and industry reputation have enabled us to partner with hotels worldwide to negotiate special discounted rates and true value-added, traveler-centric and Muslim-friendly amenities, such as complimentary Muslim breakfast or high-speed internet access. Together, this offers our clients a complete array of cost savings and cost avoidance options.


For all of your hotel bookings, we go the special mile for you. If you require any special VIP assistance for your travellers, during check-in, the stay or during check-out, we’ve got you covered.

You would like to send a special welcome note, welcome gift, flowers, chocolates, or any other special treat, say no more. Our special concierge service will make sure, your VIP travelers will have an unforgettable stay.