General Booking Terms & Conditions

Tripfez is part of Tripfez Travel Sdn Bhd and was established in February 2013 and is a licensed travel agency under the Malaysian law (License No. 7142).

By purchasing any of Tripfez’s packages via offline or online, Customers are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following Terms and Conditions.

All tour rates are meant for Malaysians only and exclude any air fares unless stated otherwise. Rates may change in the event of inconsistent fluctuations in the currency exchange rate and eleventh-hour adjustments or surcharges imposed by accommodation, land, water, and air transport providers, and restaurant, attraction, theme park, sightseeing and tour operators.

Tripfez shall be known as “The Company” and you as “Customer” in the Terms and Conditions listed below: –


(a) Where applicable, a return Economy OR Business Class Flight air ticket is non-refundable and non-reroutable including Airport Taxes, Fuel Surcharge and other relevant charges imposed by relevant governmental authorities, unless specified otherwise.
(b) Accommodation and meals as specified in the Tour Programme.
(c) A Child below the age of two (2) years old at the point of flight return date, is classified as an infant and tour fare will be charged only for the air component or air fares plus relevant taxes, where applicable.
(d) A child below 12 years old (2 to 11 years old) with reference to the date of birth falls on the date prior to return date from Malaysia are eligible for child fare (if available).
(e) The air component or air fares varies from airlines to airlines and will be quoted when requested.
(f) Tour and activities to designated locations as specified in the Tour Programme.
(g) Tips and/or taxes are inclusive as specified in the Tour Programme, unless stated otherwise.
(h) Travel insurance is inclusive as specified in the Tour Programme, unless stated otherwise.


(a) Exclusion from Tour Price varies from packages and products. The exclusions could be referred to the ‘Package Price Does Not Include’ Section of each programme. Tripfez is only acting as an agency to collect these charges and therefore is subjected to the Terms and Conditions of the respective authorities.


(a) Accommodation is based on Twin sharing only for two (2) adults unless Customer specifically requested for Single occupancy for Group Tour Packages. Triple, Quad or Quint sharing are offered for Umrah Packages and Private Packages only. However, Tripfez CANNOT GUARANTEE the actual bedding option of the room. These requests are sent to the hotel and are subject to availability.
(b) Child fare is based on either with (Child With Bed 2-11 years old) or without bed (Child No Bed 2-6 years old), and will be sharing as a third person in a twin or double bedroom of two (2) adults. In which case, the extra bed may be an additional bed or a roll away as determined by the hotel in accordance to their policy which the Customer has agreed to concur.
(c) In general, the age of the child as applied 2-11 years applies in most countries but however, where it differs, Tripfez will notify the Customer through its general publication or Tour Programme.
(d) Where a child is sharing a room with one (1) adult, such condition is deemed as the child fare calculated as an adult rate or Child With Bed basis.
(e) Where a child is aged 23 months and below, Child fare will be based as Infant fare.
(f) Single Supplement charge will apply for Customers traveling alone in a group. Where requested by Customer, Tripfez will assist to couple the Customer but shall not be responsible if such arrangement is not possible. Any cancellation of confirmed booking by Customer resulted from the inability to pair the Customer, Cancellation charges as stipulated in Clause 9.3 of this term will be enforced.
(g) Most European hotels provide 2 single beds pushed together to make a double bed, and Tripfez cannot be held responsible for the actual size of the room, the extra beds etc. While all room type preferences are forwarded to the hotel, room allocation is done by the hotel and subject to availability at the time of check in.
(h) Where the name of hotel is indicated in the tour program, Tripfez shall endeavour to use its best effort to secure the specified hotel unless for reasons of unavailability or security, an alternate hotel within the same classification shall be confirmed. Tripfez shall not be held liable for the change of the hotel.
(i) For any Group Tour or Umrah Group Packages, rooms included are based on Standard Rooms only. No upgradeswill be arranged.
(j) For any Private or Customized Packages whereby Customer made own accommodation or hotel booking, Tripfez shall not be held responsible for the room arrangement.
(k) Any last-minute changes on room arrangements will not be entertained. Shall the Customer insist on the change, Customer shall bear the additional charges or penalty occurred during the arrangement. Tripfez shall not be held responsible for any additional costs incurred.


(a) Request for Extension or Deviation from the original flight planned or date of travel is subjected to the Airlines Ticket Restrictions, Terms & Conditions and the applicable charges or additional fares.
(b) Any Deviation from the standard Group Tour or Umrah Group Tour itinerary is not allowed. Shall Deviation occur, any penalty or additional charges occurred will be charged to the Customer and to be paid on site. Tripfez shall not be held responsible for any additional costs incurred.
(c) Customer is to ensure that such request is made and agreed prior to the confirmation of Tour Booking.
(d) In the event the Tour Booking is made, and deposits have been paid, any cancellation of the Tour Booking resulted from the failure to arrange the Extension and /or Deviation will be charge with Cancellation Charges as per Clause 9.3 of this Terms & Conditions.
(e) Any Extension and /or Deviation is at the request of the Customer shall be at the Customer’s sole responsibility and Tripfez shall not be held responsible for any inconveniences caused or additional cost incurred resulted from the Extension and/or Deviation. Customer shall be responsible for penalties charged for any Extension and/or Deviation.


Upon receipt of deposit payment from Customer, Tripfez will proceed to make the necessary flights, hotel accommodation, tour vehicles and tour guide reservations.

5.1 Amendment to Booking

(a) Upon confirmation of the Tour Booking, any subsequent change made to the reservation is subject to a compulsory amendment charge of RM 50.00 per person per amendment. No amendments can be made within sixty (60) days before the date of departure. Amendments include changes on the number of participants, etc.
(b) Bookings requests enquired forty-five (45) days before departure will not be entertained.

5.2 Amendment to Tour Itinerary

(a)Tripfez will make reasonable effort to avoid changes in the itinerary. However, the Company reserves the right to alter itineraries, travel arrangements, hotel reservations changes at any time (without compensation) due to unforeseen circumstances, especially during peak periods or in the event of a force majeure.
(b) Tripfez cannot guarantee that any item or amenities mentioned will always be available, especially where Tripfez has no direct control over it.
(c) In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the Malay translation of the information, the English version will prevail.

5.3 Names of Persons Travelling

(a) It is important that the Customer making the booking must enter the correct names of all persons travelling. If TBA or another abbreviation has been entered as the guest’s name, the airlines and hotel may reject the booking. The names of all persons travelling must be entered the same as per stated in the passport.

5.4  Next of Kin

(a) Customer is to provide details of Next of Kin for insurance purposes upon booking. Next of Kin refers to immediate family of the Customer (Father, mother and siblings only).

5.5 Health and Medical Condition

(a) Customer is responsible to advise Tripfez on your health condition upon Booking confirmation and holds current health certificates for verification. Tripfez has the right advice and to deny Customer shall Tripfez believe that the health condition may result in affecting the Tour.
(b) Shall the Customer insist in joining the Tour, Tripfez shall not be held liable of any occurrences during the Tour.
(c) Shall the Customer insist during Tour Booking but make last minute cancellation due to the medical conditions, the Cancellation Charges as stipulated in Table Clause 9.3 of this term will be enforced.
(d) Shall the Customer failed to inform on your health condition or give false information and make last minute cancellation due to medical conditions, Tripfez has the right to not refund the Customer.

5.6 E-mail Accounts

(a) It is the responsibility of the Customer making the booking to ensure that they have entered the correct e-mail address. If Tripfez’s e-mail has been sent to your Junk or Bulk mail folder, you can prevent this from happening again by opening your e-mail and clicking on the ‘Not spam’ or ‘This is not spam’ button.


6.1 Passport

(a) It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that they have a valid International Passport with minimum 6 (six) months validity from the date of return.
(b) The main page of the passport must be emailed to Tripfez upon booking confirmation to enable Tripfez to ensure accuracy of information when creating the flight reservation, issuance of tickets, rooming list and other tour related documents and arrangements.
(c) Customer is responsible to ensure that they are cleared of being blacklisted by Regulatory Bodies such as Inland Revenue, Banks, Insolvency Department and other bodies which may restrict customer from traveling abroad. Tripfez will not be responsible for any refund, change or deferment of travel resulted from such restrictions.

6.2 Visa Application

(a) Customers are encouraged to process their own Visa. Where Visa Fees are included in the Tour Package, Tripfez will assist in the application. Required documentations should be forwarded to Tripfez upon Booking Confirmation. Visa Application takes at least two (2 months) to be processed.
(b) Tripfez will assist to re-apply for any Visa Refusal, however, after the Visa is rejected for the second time, Customer is required to re-apply on your own arrangement. Tripfez shall not be liable of for the Visa Refusal.
(c) Tripfez shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss of passport due to reason whatsoever, including but not limited to negligence on the part of Tripfez, its employees, agents and servants.
(d) Tripfez will not be held responsible or be liable for any expense, reimbursement or refund of tour or travel arrangement charges if the customer is refused entry by any country before departure, during the tour and travel for whatsoever reason, including but not limited to non-possession of necessary visas.

6.3 Travel Insurance

(a)Tripfez strongly advise all customers to purchase travel insurance coverage for the duration of their Tour through Tripfez. Where insurance is included in the Tour Package, Tripfez will assist in the application.
Travel Insurance is mandatory as advised by Malaysian Travel & Tour Association. For the purpose of indemnification, in the event Customer already have insurance coverage or refuses to purchase insurance, Customer is required to sign a disclaimer statement to indemnify Tripfez for any unfortunate circumstances that may arise while on tour. Such indemnity form will be provided by our Operations Department for the Customer’s completion prior to the departure of the Tour.
(c) Customer may be denied travel in the event such indemnity form is not signed and returned. Where such denied travel occurs, Tripfez is not liable to any refund of change of travel.


(a) Flight timings and schedules are not guaranteed and do not form part of the contract. All flight schedules are subjected to change or cancellation by the Airlines or Regulatory Body of the country. Tripfez shall use its best effort to rearrange the Tour or flight enabling customers to proceed with the Tour.
(b) Pursuance to item 7 (a), Tripfez shall not be held liable or responsible for any cancellation or additional charges resulted from such change or cancellation of the flight schedule by the Airline or Regulatory Body.


8.1 International Transaction Fees

(a) Rates displayed on Tripfez website can be viewed and charged in Malaysian Ringgit and/or US Dollar. Most credit card providers charge International Transaction fee.
(b) This fee is passed on by some credit card providers because the charge for your booking has been processed outside of the country that you reside in. This rate may increase up to 7% according to your bank’s own terms. Tripfez shall not be held responsible for any international transaction charges passed on by Customer credit card issuer. The actual currency and amount that will be charged will be shown to the Customer on the actual Booking page.
(c) In addition, some transaction fees with certain rates are imposed on MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Discover Card and Diners Club credit cards, while there is not such an implementation considering debit cards. This happens only when the card type is not identified. The transaction fee imposed when you have been charged or refunded for the booking is also outside of the scope of Tripfez’s responsibility.
(d) Tripfez cannot be held responsible for currency exchange rates or bank surcharges whatever the circumstances.
(e) Once Customer have accepted the Cancellation Policy for their booking as well as Tripfez’s Term & Conditions, Customer’s credit card will be charged for the total cost at booking time.
(f) The amount for Customer’s booking DOES NOT include any applicable charges for optional incidentals (such as mini bar snacks or telephone calls).
(g) Rates displayed on the Tripfez website and other online and offline platforms are subject to currency fluctuations. There may be slight variations in the published daily rates that will reflect any movement in the currency exchange rates. Once a booking has been booked and confirmed at the rates you have accepted, there is no refund for the price difference because rates can be updated daily.

8.2 Proof Of ID

(a) To protect the credit card holder and when a booking has been made by a 3rd party, Tripfez reserves the right to request proof of ID from the cardholder as well as a signed authorization form.
(b) This security measure is not to cause any inconvenience but merely to protect the credit card holder against any credit card misuse.


9.1 Payment Method

(a) Payment can be made by website online, online banking, bank in cash or cheque. Online payment must be submitted together with receipt as proof of payment. Bank in cheque will only be accepted if presented to the Company at least sixty (60) days working days before departure.

9.2  Deposit & Full Payment

(a) Deposit is to be made within 5 working days upon confirmation. Booking will be released if there is no payment received. Deposit amount as per Payment Table Clause 9.3.
(b) Full Payment is to be made at least 60 days before departure date as per Payment Table Clause 9.3.
(c) Deposit and Full Payment is non-refundable beyond the Cancellation Period. Exceptions are as follows:

  1. Death
  2. Hospitalized
  3. Medical Reasons – Accompanied by a letter from Hospital (Letters from General Practitioners are not acceptable). Refund to be referred to the Cancellation Policy as per Table Clause 9.3. Any last minute changes due to medical conditions which Tripfez was not informed, Customer will not be refunded as per Clause 5.5 (c )

(d) Exceptions as per Clause 9.2 (c ) is subjected to the sole approval from Tripfez which highly dependent on the airlines and relevant suppliers and such refund, if approved, may differ from the amount customer have paid.

(e) Additional administration charge of 5% of total tour package price for late full payment.

9.3 Cancellation

(a) Cancellation of Tour booking could arise under the following circumstances:

  1. By failure to abide to the stipulated full payment deadline imposed by Tripfez as per Clause 9.2 (b) of this Term and Conditions.
  2. By customer – Notice for cancellation of Tour Booking by customer MUST be made in writing or email to avoid any miscommunication. Cancellation over the telephone will not be accepted. The date where the notice is received by Tripfez will be the basis for the calculation of penalty charges.

(b) The respective airline’s cancellation policy on special promotional fare shall apply in addition to the tour cancellation charges as per Payment/Cancellation Table.
(c) All cancellation on air tickets are subject to Airline’s Terms and Conditions.
(d) For any postponement of Tour Package to a different date and destination, Customer must cancel the first booking in order to make a new booking, and a compulsory amendment fee of RM50.00 per person per amendment as per Clause 5.1 (a), will be charged. Customer cannot transfer the initial booking’s deposit to the new booking as the deposit is considered forfeited. Tour Package is based on availability and Tour Price will be based on current price or promotion during the new booking is made.
(e) Cancellation by Company: Tripfez reserves the right to cancel Group or Series Tours due to:

  1. Force Majeure – any act of God and War,
  2. Strike, riot, civil war or coup
  3. Insufficient number of passengers to form a minimum group size of 20 passengers

(f) Further to Clause 9.3 (e )(i) and (ii), it is agreed that the cancellation of Group or Series Tours will be dependent on the official notices issued for travel restriction by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (herein referred to as “Wisma Putra”).
(g) Further to Clause 9.3 (f), upon confirmation and the issuance of the notice by Wisma Putra, Tripfez shall offer hereby agreed that the processing time for such refund will be within 60 days.
(h)Cancellation of Group or Series Tour further to Clause 9.3 (e )(iii), Tripfez shall refund to Customer the Tour price paid.
(i) If the cancellation is being requested by customers for incidents occurred as per 9.3 (e )(i) and (ii) without the official travel restriction notification issued by Wisma Putra, Tripfez reserves the right to approve or reject such refund request from customer and the quantum of refund which may not be equal to the amount paid by customer.
(j) The decision by Tripfez shall be FINAL AND CONCLUSIVE.


(a) Travel Events: Any payments (deposit and full payment) during travel events such as MATTA Fair, Roadshows, etc, are non-refundable.
(b) Unused Services: For any Unused Services during Tour by any participant, no refund will be made in respect to accommodation, meals, sightseeing, tour, air fare or other services, which are included in the Tour Price.
(c) Foreign Travel Issues: Full refund can be made if tour bookings are issued before any travel warning announcement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia specifically for Malaysians. If bookings are made after travel warning is announced, no refund will be made as mentioned in Clause 9.3 (e )(i) and (ii).
(d) Health Conditions: For medical or health conditions, any refund can or cannot be made as mentioned in Clause 5.5 (c ) and (d).
(e) Special cases: On a case to case basis, refund will be considered by the Company.
(f) Tripfez also has the right to cancel and refund customer’s deposit without any reason.
(g) Subjected to the sole approval from Tripfez which highly dependent on the airlines and relevant suppliers and such, refund, if approved, may differ from the amount customer have paid
(h) Where refund is eligible, the processing period by Tripfez will be within sixty (60) days from the date of refund request. Customer will receive their refund money on the 60th day.
(i) Any refunds shall be considered in redeemable credit on future bookings, not by cash.


(a) Airport taxes & fuel taxes are subject to change due to international currency fluctuations from time to time. Customers will be informed of any increase in airport & fuel taxes during booking procedures.


(a) Since Tripfez is constantly expanding our destinations, this has meant that some properties have different policies regarding taxes, whether city, tourist or local. Our rates have always included any applicable hotel taxes, unless stated otherwise.
(b) However, some tourist and local taxes which generally include the use of local services, in this case will have to be paid directly to the hotel. This information is also stated on the prepaid voucher.
(c) Any applicable city, tourist or other tax is collected by the hotel at the time of check out.


13.1  Hotel Information

(a) While Tripfez strives to present hotel information as accurately as possible, we are not responsible for the accuracy of this information or for any facilities that may or may not be available at the hotel during your stay or not suited to individual tastes and preferences.
(b) Redecoration/ renovations and maintenance are necessary to the upkeep of the hotel and may take place without prior notice to Tripfez; however, the hotelier or supplier will undertake to keep inconvenience to a minimum. The effects of normal wear and tear can be expected in a hotel and these are beyond our control.
(c) Tripfez cannot accept responsibility for any disturbance or inconvenience to the client beyond its control nor for accidents or loss in a hotel caused by hotel management or staff.
(d) The hotel and guest room photographs are provided to give a general overview of the hotel. Guest room photographs may be of a different category to the one you book and not identical to the room you are allocated at the hotel.

13.2 Additional Charges Made by the Hotel

(a) Tripfez has no control over any extra charges that a hotel may decide to implement for their guest room incidentals such as air conditioning, safe, mini fridge, hire of television remote, etc. Any such charges must be paid directly to the hotel by customer and Tripfez cannot be held responsible for any incidental charges passed on by the hotel.
(b) Tripfez has no control over any fees that a hotel may pass on for luggage storage, sauna, spa and swimming pool use, car parking fees, etc.
(c) During the festive season, essentially Christmas and the New Year, there are hotels which impose a compulsory gala and guests must pay any supplement for the gala dinner. Our company is not always informed about Gala dinner supplements and Tripfez cannot be held responsible for any gala supplements passed on by the hotel.

13.3 Resort Fees

(a) Some hotels do charge a resort fee which must be paid to the hotel directly e.g. the USA, Europe, etc. Tripfez is not responsible for resort fee charges and has no control over their implementation.

13.4 Hotel Accommodation and Complaints

(a) Part of the enjoyment of overseas travel is experiencing local customs and not expecting a real home experience. Guest room facilities and decoration will vary from country to country.
(b) Complaints: Any complaint which cannot be resolved at the hotel must be notified in writing to Tripfez within 3 days of the checkout date. A copy of the complaint must be also submitted to and signed by the hotel manager.
(c) However, if there is something which cannot be resolved at the hotel during reservation period, Customer has to inform Tripfez to get quick resolution.
(c) Tripfez will try to solve customer’s problem within 5-15 working days. Please note that this period may extend in accordance with the nature of the query.

13.5 Hotel Unable to Provide the Accommodation Booked

(a) If the original hotel booked is closed, overbooked or has maintenance problems and/or cannot provide the room(s) booked, Customer shall accept that the hotelier or supplier is responsible for finding you alternate accommodation of a similar standard. Where Tripfez have prior notice, we will contact you via e-mail.
(b) In case if a hotel is booked out, Tripfez is not responsible to offer you an alternate hotel.
(c) A booking is regarded as group booking when there are 10 or more persons travelling. Tripfez reserve the right to cancel any FIT booking made for a group or if we consider them to have been made for the purpose of holding space for future sale.
(d) Tripfez accepts no liability for any losses or costs that might occur as a result of re-location as this is completely beyond our control.

13.6 Check-In Age Limit

(a) All the hotels on the Tripfez website require one of the guests to be at least 18 years old. In some countries in United States for instance, there are higher age limits. If you have booked a hotel in the Unites States and the travellers are under 25 years of age, Customer has to contact the hotel directly for clarification.

13.7 Changes in Published Rates

(a) Tripfez reserves the right to correct any pricing or displayed errors and/or commissions. This includes errors and/or commissions from a supplier or hotelier.
(b) In the event of a price error and/or commission, we will offer you the choice of either keeping the booking at the correct rates, cancelling the booking or subject to availability, we will offer you a suitable alternative hotel. This applies to both confirmed and on request bookings.
(c) Not all the hotel rates are applicable for the local market and in such cases the hotel is within their rights to change the rates without prior notice.


(a) Discount codes cannot be combined with any other promotions and offers by Tripfez via online or offline. Tripfez reserves the right to change this implementation for Tour Packages and Hotel rates offered for discount codes at any time.


(a) Over certain periods such as sport events, festivals and fairs, hotels may impose strict restrictions regarding conditions of stay. It is possible that these changes may be advised to Tripfez after the booking has been confirmed. Tripfez shall not be liable for such occurrences.


(a) Maps are provided for information purposes only (if available). While Tripfez strives to present hotel and map information as accurately as possible, we do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of this information or for any errors. Tripfez suggest that you contact the hotel directly to obtain the most current and complete location information and directions.


(a) Tripfez welcomes constructive feedback from Customers in its continuing efforts to improve service quality. Any disputes with regards to the Tour must be submitted in writing within fourteen (14) days from the date of return. Tripfez will not entertain any dispute made thereafter.


18.1 Website

(a) When visiting Tripfez website, a record of your visit is logged. Tripfez operates secure servers to minimize the risk of unauthorised credit card use.
(b) Tripfez guarantees that all sensitive information -e.g. your name, address, and credit card number- will be protected with the best security practices available when exchanged over the internet. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology we use ensures the privacy and security of all transactions. SSL technology encrypts data before it is transmitted, so that only the authorized recipient can have access to it.

18.2 Use of Image, Photo and Videos

(a) Tripfez during the Tour overseas may take some photo, individual or group basis and/or, produce video recording/s, herein after referred to as “Marketing Materials” for the purpose of the followings but not limited to:

  1. Website Marketing
  2. Booklet or Flyers
  3. Social Media Campaign including Facebook, Instagram and Blog
  4. Electronic Media such as Television

(b) Customer hereby agree and give consent to Tripfez for the use of such “Marketing Materials” that may portray their image of video recordings.


(a) All arrangements for the provision of transport, accommodation, sightseeing and other Tour or travel services are made by Tripfez through our appointed agents. Tripfez accepts no responsibility for any injuries, damage, accidents, loss, delay, theft, quarantine, customs regulation, strike, acts of good, and changes of itinerary, deportation or refusal of entry by immigration.
(b) Customers are responsible for all losses and expense from authorities’ confiscation resulting from improper travel documents, possession of unlawful items or irregularities. Proper travel documents are expected of all Customers.
(c) Tripfez also reserves the right to request for any individual to withdraw from the tour if it is deemed that his or her behaviour or conduct is detrimental to or incompatible with health, safety, interests, harmony and welfare of the other tour participants and the tour groupUnder such circumstances, Tripfez shall be under no liability thereafter to any such person.
(d) No tour leader or guides, employees or agents of Tripfez are authorized to commit Tripfez to any liability. Tripfez will not be bound by any statement or representation unless it is in writing and signed by a management executive of the company.
(e) Tripfez will not be held responsible for any goods purchased during the tour. Defective goods, goods not suitable for customer use, goods not in conformity with the samples provided, or goods rejected by customers for any other reasons are not the Company’s responsibility. Even if the goods are purchased in shops as part of the Tour Packages visitation or which are specifically recommended by the travel service, guides, servants, employees or independent contractor. Tripfez or the travel service will not be liable to customers for the purchase monies of the aforesaid goods.
(f) Tripfez will not be held responsible for any losses and expense of domestic air ticket, local hotel, transportation from and to the airport, and other personal travel services that booked by customers due to international flight change or cancelled including even if the group size is not materialized at last minute.
(g) Itineraries, prices, services and conditions are correct at the time of reservations. Tripfez reserves the right to revise the tour fares and to determine the date of commencement of such revised tour fares.
(h) Tripfez website is for legitimate bookings only. Anyone found to have used a credit card of which they have no authorised use will be liable to prosecution. Tripfez reserves the right to cancel any booking that is deemed not to be legitimate.
(i) When Customers contact us, Tripfez will reply to your query within 24 hours to a maximum 5 working days.
(j) Depending upon the nature of your query, please allow up to sixty (60) working days especially in the case of past booking queries for the situation to be investigated and concluded.
(k) Tripfez reserves the right to change, amend, insert or delete any of the terms and conditions, policies contained in this document, as the case may be, without prior notice.


(a) Tripfez offers for certain properties the Salam Standard rating. We do not take any responsibility if the information provided through Salam Standard is not correct or incomplete.
(b) Tripfez is not liable for any information or errors or/and damages incurred in connection with the Salam Standard rating.
(c) Tripfez suggest that you contact the hotel directly to obtain the most current information on amenities and services for Muslim travellers (including the halal certification of any food served in the hotel).


Tripfez does not accept liability for any errors and reserves the right to change the information published at any time and without prior notice.