Online Booking Tool

Travel via the Tripfez Online Booking Tool (T-OBT)


Tripfez revolutionizes travel via the Tripfez Online Booking Tool (T-OBT) enabling companies to handle, streamline and automate the entire travel process covering all ticketing, flight- and hotel bookings, visa applications, etc. It allows the company to choose from more than 100 airlines, thousands of hotels as well as car rental options. Tripfez Online Booking Tool (T-OBT) also allows the company to consolidate, analyze and ultimately optimize savings, increase the efficiency of all travel and approval processes and manage all travel risk by adhering to the overall travel policy. Via the tool, companies can save more than 30% of total travel spending.

Easy to Use

Tripfez Online Booking Tools (T-OBT) is easy to set up. Be assured our team is ready to assist and configure your online booking tool in no time. We offer a flexible user-friendly solution that enables your employees to easily book business trips within the company’s travel policy from anywhere without the hassle of email and phone calls.

With Tripfez’s extensive know-how in the travel industry, Tripfez Online Booking Tools (T-OBT) is equipped with real-time availability and fare options from more than 430 bookable airlines including more than 70 leading regional low-cost carriers (LCC) and hybrid carriers.

Multi-level Approval And Approvers

Tripfez Online Booking Tools (T-OBT) was designed to simplify business and corporate travel. Throughout our extensive experience, we have developed a multi-level approval process that can easily be set up based on your company’s approval level. Incorporate your travel policy and automate the booking process with Tripfez Online Booking Tools (T-OBT) to include various travel policy parameters including flight travel policy by flight hours, transit duration, transit points, red-eye flight, flight class, and lowest logical fares. Tripfez Online Booking Tool with an advanced booking workflow greatly reduces the number of steps required for the traveler to compare flight options and to finalize the booking

Simplifying Complex Bookings

Travel bookings can be complex and time-consuming. Here at Tripfez, we aim to simplify complex bookings hence saving you time. We offer various solutions including,

Tripfez Online Booking Tool (T-OBT) is populated with 430 bookable airlines, including more than 70 leading regional low-cost carriers (LCC) and hybrid carriers, with real-time fares and availability for key LCCs. It includes integrated content from hotel chains and leading hotel aggregators on a merged display.